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Be a Smart Cyclist, Action Now! - To Join RSC’s Safe Cycling Training Program

To Join RSC’s Safe Cycling Training Program

In recent years, cycling is a very popular activity among the youth. Although cycling is a fun, relaxing and healthy activity, statistics show that the public awareness of ‘Safe Cycling’ should be raised. There were 2,555 cycling related accidents in 2012, causing the death of nine people.

In order to enhance cycling safety, the Road Safety Council (RSC) organized publicity activities and training programs to educate cyclists about the cycling rules and safety knowledge, so as to achieve "Zero Accidents on the Road, Hong Kong’s Goal" without losing the fun of cycling.

The purpose of the "Safe Cycling Training Program” for students of primary and secondary schools is to reduce the number of cycling accidents through identifying the key elements that may lead to cycling accidents. Professional cycling trainers will explain the importance of wearing protective gear when cycling. The knowledge of choosing, checking and modifying the bicycles to fit oneself the best and others related to safety cycling will also be taught. The students can experience and acquire a thorough understanding of cycling safety, thereby reducing accident.

Welcome to download and share the handbook of Safety Cycling Training Program, and your help in promoting the sense of “Safety Cycling” will be highly appreciated.

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