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Police’s Mobile Application and YouTube channel enhances communication with public

Nowadays, the use of Internet platforms is regarded as indispensable for many and the flow of information has been further enhanced by social media platforms. Since 2011, the Hong Kong Police Force (the Force) has been exploring ways to strengthen its communication with the public through social media. The Force decided to adopt a prudent and incremental approach, with implementation to be carried out in stages, commencing with the use of a less interactive platform and eventually graduating to highly interactive ones.

Last year, the Force broke new ground in its communication through social media with the launch of its first Hong Kong Police Mobile Application (HKP Mobile App). Having acquired experience when developing the application, the Force continued to move forward by launching an official YouTube channel called Hong Kong Police YouTube (HKP YouTube) on March 26, 2013.

The HKP YouTube is a new multimedia channel adopted by the Force to strengthen community engagement. It aims to assist the community to better understand the Force, to promote a positive image for the Force, and to build public confidence, thereby garnering support from the community.

The channel includes a wide variety of video content grouped into several categories, including Latest Updates, Editor’s Choice, Police Work, Events and Activities, Public Appreciation, Press Conference, Police Magazine Series, Road Safety Series, and Crime Prevention. .

HKP YouTube allows viewers to rate and post comments, which can be viewed by other users. However, postings of an inappropriate nature, such as offensive, violent or sexually explicit content or content infringing the rights of others, will be removed according to the Force’s operating guideline. In addition, responses to postings will only be made on a “need-to-reply” basis.

Mobile App version 2.1

Since the launch of the HKP Mobile App, the Force has received very positive responses from users. The Force launched its Hong Kong Police Mobile App Version 2.1 on 15 April 2014, in which program optimization is conducted to enhance user experience and Simplified Chinese interface is available. It aligns with the language choices of the Force and other Government websites aiming at serving the need of different sectors of the community.

The Force will continue to enrich the content of the HKP Mobile App so as to provide better service to users.

To experience the HKP Mobile App, you can download it from ‘App Store’ and ‘Google Play’. For those who have downloaded the application already, the latest version can be obtained through ‘App Store’ and ‘Google Play’ of their smartphones.

More information about HKP YouTube and HKP Mobile App is available on the Police Public Page at

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