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Road Safety Town

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There are four Road Safety Towns located in North Point, Sau Mau Ping, Shatin and Tuen Mun respectively. Each of them provides a simulated road environment to enhance children's awareness of road safety. They are owned and managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department while lectures on road safety are delivered by police officers of the Road Safety Team. The towns attracted more than 42,000 visitors of all ages in 2016. Every effort is made to make the visits more interesting and RS messages more sustainable.

Visit to the Road Safety Towns can be arranged by booking in office hours to the Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) or the Regional Road Safety Offices. Locations and enquiry telephone numbers of the four Road Safety Towns are as follows:

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town
Pak Fuk Road, North Point
Enquiry telephone number :-
2565 5716 (LCSD)
3660 6873 (Road Safety Team (Hong Kong Island))
Shatin Road Safety Park
No. 1 Kong Pui Street, Shatin
Enquiry telephone number :-
2637 6303 (LCSD)
3661 1314 (Road Safety Team (NT South))
Sau Mau Ping Road Safety Town
No. 56, Sau Ming Road, Sau Mau Ping
Enquiry telephone number :-
2379 1194 (LCSD/ Road Safety Team (Kowloon East))
Tuen Mun Road Safety Town
Wu Shan Recreation Playground, Tuen Mun
Enquiry telephone number :-
2463 7597 (LCSD)
3661 3436 (Road Safety Team (NT North))