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When You Reach Your Destination

  • It doesn't mean that you can be less cautious.
  • Use your direction indicators, hazard warnings lights properly and in good time.
  • Watch out for your speed, the road condition, other road users and objects around you. Pay special attention when you are reversing. Children/the elderly are not easily to be seen.
  • Make sure you have used the appropriate gear, in particular on steep roads.
  • Ensure the safety of your passengers. Beware stationary vehicles moving off from the roadside.
  • Ensure that passengers will not bang the door onto other road users when they alight from your vehicle.
  • Remember to switch off the engine if you have to wait for someone. Be environmental friendly.
  • Do not park your car in a position which will cause/is likely to cause obstruction or endangering other road users.
  • Do not leave your children in cars alone and do not leave your ignition key in the car.
  • Obey the law all the time and be considerate of other road users.

For more details, you can read the 'Road Users' Code'.

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